About me

My name is Manu. And I try to be the Laziest Landlord possible. An ethical, prompt, tenant-considerate but ultimately lazy landlord.

I have two guiding principles.

First, I believe my most precious resource is time. Not money, time. Second, I believe in helping others be better than they thought possible. I grew up in a rural community in England. I didn't have access to - nor understand the value of - advisors, mentors, sponsors. I do now.

I rented out the first apartment I owned back in 2003. I haven't looked back since.

I started seriously investing right at the bottom of the 2008/9 crisis. I realized if I can make real estate work in that environment, I can make it work in any environment. Today, my wife and I own a number of apartments and multi-unit buildings in two cities. We intend to buy an apartment or building every year or two.

I continue to work full time in marketing while I build this second income stream. I live and work the life I want with my wife and kids just outside of Boston, MA.