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Free online rental calculators

A curated recommendation to save you time.
Free online rental calculators

I recommend you build your own profit and loss calculator. You can build a rough-and-ready version in about five minutes, and a more sophisticated one within a couple of hours.

You're going to want something quicker to play with right now.

Here's my top 3. Many others are available online.

#1 IQ rental calculator

Real Estate Investment Calculator | Rental Property Calculator


  • Can get started with a few inputs and get more complex
  • Lots of different metrics
  • Graphing is useful if you're a visual person


  • First 'Data Table' page is overwhelming with information
  • You have to scroll left and right to find all the inputs

#2 Spark rental calculator

Rental Property Calculator: Forecast Your Rental Property ROI! | SparkRental


  • Shows cash-on-cash
  • Easy-to-understand glossary of financial terms


  • The output is bare bones
  • Site is all a bit sales-y

#3 Calculator.net

Rental Property Calculator


  • Output is all on one nice summary page
  • Includes annual increases for income and costs


  • Form feels like a lot of input is needed
  • Minimal graphing - lots of numbers come at you

Find a calculator that works for your level. They all work. They all have slightly different inputs and outputs.

Like any model, the more complex it is the more assumptions you're making. I aim for simplicity.  The most important two things are cashflow and ROI over the first three years of owning the property.